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About me


From my earliest childhood I could see and hear things that were invisible to others.

“My first memory of a psychic experience was when I was recovering from a burn in hospital when I was four. A special nurse used to come and sit by my bed at night, giving me the feeling of total calm. It wasn’t until years later I realised she came from the spirit world.”

My parents thought I had “imaginary friends” but I've have been surrounded by spirits, some benign, others unpleasant, all my life.

Sometimes I can barely sleep at night for the clamour of long-dead personalities demanding to be heard. I sees ghosts “every day”and it can be totally exhausting.

I've wondered if I was mentally ill, but I'm entirely sane. I have thought that the the various things I feels, see and hear are a sign of some sort of disturbance in my brain chemistry.

I’ve been over it and over it, I can promise you but then, if I am bonkers, how come so much of the time I’m right?”

I'm an ordinary boy from a working-class background never imagined my life would follow such an extraordinary path. 

Clairvoyant, psychic and spiritual life coach
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