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I was nervous but Dennis made me comfortable. He was spot on about my father and my second child. I was anxious about certain matters in my life but his words gave me the confidence and comfort I needed. Already recommended him to friends and family.

Mandy - Watford

Whilst some people remain skeptical about Psychics, from the very first time I met Dennis I felt completely at ease with him and I just knew he was genuine.
My readings have been accurate and outstanding. For anyone who is looking for guidance and direction, Dennis will be the right person to look to. I have been seeing Dennis for over 6 years for healing and he has given me so much support and has helped me through some very difficult times. He is very down to earth and during this time we have become very good friends. Dennis is easy to chat to and has a wealth of knowledge and experience, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jan - Saffron Walden

I have been seeing Dennis for over 6 years and he is one of the most genuine professional persons I have ever met. His manner and personality is such that I could not imagine anyone not being at ease with him. He is always able to point out the “light at the end of the tunnel”. Dennis has a great grasp of and understanding of life. When you see Dennis for a reading, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that this is a man at the top of his profession.

Paul - Saffron Walden

I have known Dennis for over 18 years now and have had countless readings over the years both in the UK, face to face and through FaceTime when I am abroad. Dennis’s incredible gift transcends beyond any possible explanation. He has been my guide, my support and my go-to person when I am trying to make sense of my life, need some questions answered or have to make an important decision and need clarity and guidance. His authentic, sharp wit, direct honesty and non-judgemental approach is what makes him so special. To me he really is an angel that walks this earth and I don’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking guidance with an open mind and willingness to embrace the spiritual world.

Samantha - Singapore

Clairvoyant, psychic and spiritual life coach
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